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Download Simon Says MP3 Song by 1910 Fruitgum Company for Free - Listen Offline Anytime

Simon Says Song Download: A Guide to the Popular Children's Game and Its Musical Versions

Simon Says is a fun and simple game that many children enjoy playing. But did you know that there are also songs based on this game? In this article, we will explore the history and meaning of Simon Says, as well as the different musical versions that you can download and listen to. Whether you are looking for a catchy tune, a rap song, or a nursery rhyme, there is a Simon Says song for you.

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What is Simon Says?

Simon Says is a game where one person acts as the leader, or "Simon", and gives commands to the other players. The players must only follow the commands that start with "Simon says". If they follow a command that does not start with "Simon says", they are out of the game. The last player remaining wins and becomes the next Simon.

The origin and rules of the game

The game of Simon Says has been around for a long time. Some sources trace it back to ancient Rome, where it was called "Cicero dicit fac hoc", meaning "Cicero says do this". Cicero was a famous Roman orator and politician, who was known for his eloquence and authority.

The rules of the game are simple, but they can vary depending on the group. Here are some common rules:

  • The leader, or Simon, stands in front of the other players and gives commands, such as "Simon says touch your nose", "Simon says clap your hands", or "Jump up and down".

  • The players must only follow the commands that start with "Simon says". If they follow a command that does not start with "Simon says", they are out of the game.

  • The leader can also try to trick the players by giving commands that sound like they start with "Simon says", but actually do not. For example, "Simon says touch your toes. Touch your ears." The second command does not start with "Simon says", so anyone who touches their ears is out.

  • The leader can also give commands that are impossible or silly, such as "Simon says fly" or "Simon says bark like a dog". The players can either pretend to do them or ignore them.

  • The last player remaining wins and becomes the next Simon.

The benefits of playing Simon Says

Playing Simon Says is not only fun, but also beneficial for children's development. Here are some of the benefits:

  • It improves listening skills and attention span. The players have to pay attention to what Simon says and what he does not say, and react quickly and accurately.

  • It enhances physical coordination and motor skills. The players have to perform various actions with their body parts, such as touching, clapping, jumping, etc.

  • It fosters creativity and imagination. The leader can come up with different commands that challenge the players' abilities and make them laugh.

  • It promotes social interaction and cooperation. The players have to work together as a group and follow the same rules.

  • It teaches respect and obedience. The players have to respect the authority of Simon and follow his commands, unless they want to be out of the game.

What is Simon Says Song?

Simon Says Song is a term that refers to any song that is based on or inspired by the game of Simon Says. There are many songs that use this theme, but some of the most popular ones are:

The 1910 Fruitgum Company version

The 1910 Fruitgum Company version is one of the earliest and most famous songs that use the Simon Says theme. It was released in 1967 as a single and as the title track of their debut album. The song is a bubblegum pop tune that features catchy lyrics and a simple melody. The song was a huge hit, reaching #4 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and #2 on the UK Singles Chart. The song also inspired many covers and adaptations, such as "Il ballo di Simone" by Giuliano e i Notturni in Italy, "Jacques a dit" by Claude François in France, and "Nynna en sång" by Flamingokvintetten in Sweden.

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