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Devon London

Dark and Darker become in the beginning scheduled to release at some point of Q4 of 2023, although this date seems possibly to slide given the game’s cutting-edge issues Dark And Darker Gold.

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The Dark and Darker devs are being sued through Nexon

Dark and Darker, the dungeon-looting RPG sport recently pulled from Steam, is facing a lawsuit from Korean publisher Nexon over alleged copyright infringement.

Dark and Darker dev is being sued through Nexon: A individual in a large hat with a timber workforce in RPG recreation Dark and Darker

After being removed from Steam in March, following a cease and desist notice, the dungeon-looting RPG game Dark and Darker and its developer Ironmace is now dealing with a lawsuit from Korean writer Nexon, alleging copyright infringement. Nexon claims that Dark and Darker is created using assets and materials that the developers at Ironmace worked on and used even as they have been hired by using Nexon. Ironmace has to this point denied any wrongdoing.

Filed on April 14, inside the United States District Court for the Western District of Washington, courtroom documents from Nexon make a sequence of claims towards Dark and Darker developer Ironmace Dark And Darker Gold Coins.


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