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Universal Piano Sustain Pedal P80A The universal piano sustain pedal  is an ideal addition to any keyboard or piano. Featuring a heavy duty piano style pedal design that includes an authentic weighted resistance, this pedal is a great device for players switching between acoustic and electric pianos.


The Sustain Pedal is a high-quality pedal designed to work and feel just like the sustain pedal on an acoustic piano.A polarity switch means that this pedal is suitable for all kinds of electronic keyboards and pianos with a 1/4" . 


Length of Cord:  6ft (1.8m)

Plug: 1/4 inch

Dimensions: 75(W) x 215(D) x 56(H)

Keyboard Sustain Pedal P80A

S$55.00 Regular Price
S$40.00Sale Price
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