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Squid Game Play: How to Avoid Getting Shot by the Pink Soldiers

The pastimes that inspired the bloody sports are common on playgrounds across the globe. But when human lives are at stake, they transform into somethingcompletely different. Feel intense bursts of adrenaline by competing in their virtual recreations:

Do you have the skill to survive this crazy game? Play Squid Game Online, based on the popular Netflix television show. Try to survive each mini game as you try to take home the big prize money. Stop on red, go on green. Can you survive or will you fall victim to the challenge.

squid game play


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There's a reason the Squid Game games became such a talking point, and will likely be so again when Squid Game season 2 arrives. In Squid Game season 1, a big part of the terror conveyed to the audience is the dissonance between how the games look and feel and what they actually are. Like the bright red and green colors of the show's costumes, every Squid Game game conjures feelings of happiness and childhood, which are quickly smashed by the grim reality of what the contestants must do. Here's everything else that audiences need to know about every game in the Squid Games, from their origins to their deeper meaning.

The second of the Squid Game's games in order sees the contestants play in a competition involving ppopgi, also called dalgona. Squid Game's honeycomb toffee candy was once a popular Korean street food. The Squid Game's origins come from a deal involving the ppopgi. Traditionally, if the person buying the dalgona managed to eat around the shape in the middle without breaking it, they would receive a second, free candy.

In round 3, the competition becomes team-based in Squid Games' tug of war. This Squid Game's origins hold deep cultural significance in Korea, where variations of tug of war have been played in festivals and community celebrations for many years, especially in agricultural areas. Called juldarigi in Korea, tug-of-war type games are often played between the east and west sides of villages, with the winners supposedly earning a superior harvest that season.

The winners of this Squid Game obviously earn a different sort of good fortune. Thematically, the tug-of-war round begins a turn in Squid Game, making the competition directly between the players, rather than between the players and the organization. That shift sets up the factionalism and backstabbing that pervade the later episodes of the show. Indeed, after each of the Squid Game games, the players' very morals and internal emotions are in an increasingly unpredictable tug of war.

The only game of Squid Game season 1 that doesn't explicitly have real-world origins is round 5, which sees the contestants making their way across a treacherous path of unpredictably safe and unsafe glass platforms. Still, this Squid Game is inspired by hopscotch and other similar hopping games, and its origins date back centuries to ancient India and Rome. In the show, the game is used to represent how severely the competition is rigged against the players, as the Squid Game Front Man quickly turns out the lights when he sees one contestant who can tell the difference between tempered and untempered glass.

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Unlike all the other Squid Game games which occur in nostalgic locations for the viewers, the glass tile game is notably different for being designed like a full-blown, high-budget game show. However, this has the similar purpose of inducing horror through familiar elements from childhood, as audiences and players alike watched game shows on TV growing up. In addition, the spectacle of the penultimate death game serves as a tease to the final, titular event.

On the surface, the reason that Squid Game uses children's games is relatively simple. In Squid Game episode 9, "One Lucky Day", Gi-hun asks the old man Il-nam a number of questions, but the most important is why Il-nam created the death games in the first place. Inspired by the games he played as a child, Il-nam created the games themselves as a means to entertain the mega-rich. He goes on to say that rich people and poor people have suffering in common, and that as a rich man, because he can buy anything he wants, he finds little joy in his life. Therefore, the Squid Game games are for the nostalgic entertainment of Il-nam and other billionaires.

However, under the surface, the reasoning behind using children's games is a little more complicated but no less disturbing. It's clear that the ultrarich don't see poorer people as people in general, so they chose children's games turned deadly to mock the Squid Game players. Additionally, it lures the contestants into a false sense of security, as shown during Red Light Green Light.

Another reason is the organization's security, and how the strangeness of the games makes it difficult for escapees to be believed. When the players enact the third clause and leave the game, one of the reasons the police don't believe their stories is precisely because of their claims about children's games. The Squid Games end up being the ultimate tool of manipulation to pit players against one another for the entertainment of the VIPs, while also displaying the rich's contempt for their playthings. Squid Game episode 9 is a grim way to end the series, and it sends Gi-hun home with 45.6 billion Korean won (roughly $38 million) that remains unspent.

Now that Netflix has confirmed that Squid Game season 2 is on the way, the question of how a sophomore season will build on the premise and themes of the first is crucial to consider. Almost certainly, Squid Game season 2 will prominently feature another iteration of the games, but it's hard to imagine them being exactly the same as in season 1. Season 1's Squid Games were based around those of the creator's childhood and were often deceptively simple, designed specifically illustrate the powerful themes of good vs. evil and the bonds between people.

It's most likely that Squid Game season 2 will feature a mix of new games and reimaginings of some classic Squid Games from season 1. It would fit the tone of the show for Squid Game season 2's games to be taken from the classic children's repertoire still, so this format probably won't be tampered with. However, if season 2 is to distinguish itself from the first, the games may have to do something different this time. That could mean becoming more advanced or complex, or making up new games that don't exist in the real world.

As of June 12, 2022, Squid Game season 2 is officially in the works at Netflix. Series creator Hwang Dong-hyuk has confirmed that Seong Gi-Hun will be back to participate in another round of the deadly games, and the Front Man (Hwang In-ho) will return, too. As exciting as this news is, Hwang has also tempered expectations for when Squid Game season 2's release date might be, reminding audiences that it took twelve years for him to realize the first season of Squid Game. That said, Hwang has confirmed that he's began writing the script, and that "Humanity is going to be put to a test through those games once again," (via Entertainment Weekly).

Rick Stevenson is a writer, editor and performer based in Brooklyn, NY. He's written on TV, film and games for over six years, in addition to assorted stints in bookselling, carpentry, and TV production. Rick studied writing at the College of William & Mary and Oxford University, and can report with some authority that they are both old. He lives and dies for Avatar: The Last Airbender.

Easily one of the best rounds in Squid Game, the tug of war challenges each group of players into using all their strength and the best of their skills to make the other group fall to their death. There is only one rule: pulling on a thick rope to make the opposing team fall past the center mark. In order to make that happen, anything goes: psyching out the adversary group, pulling with all your strength, and other techniques.

In Squid Game, this round is used more as an episode to take a breather while getting to know some characters better than as a challenging entry in the competition. Each player is given a bag containing ten marbles and then they are all divided in pairs. The goal is to win every marble your opponent has, but, as they quickly figure out, that between themselves and the person they chose to pair up with (usually the person they have become closest to), one of them will die.

Aside from the darker, twisted take on childhood games, the show inspired some people to organize their own "Squid Game"-themed events in real life, including YouTuber Mr. Beast and a Korean cultural center in Abu Dhabi.

I was convinced that this game would be a cakewalk, but perhaps it was the low stakes and absence of a terrifying eagle-eyed doll that I became the second person to get out after laughing at another player for being eliminated over a poorly hidden foot adjustment.

This game was one I endeavored alone in the kitchen since it was hard to transport such delicate candies to a park. After watching endless TikTok videos, reading recipes and cooking tips, and much trial and error, I successfully made a few viable candies to test the difficulty of the game.

I tried a few methods in an attempt to win the game, the first being the traditional way of using a needle to scrape away at the sides of the shape to extract it. Within mere seconds, the points of the star came away with the surrounding scraps.


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